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Jennifer Martin is a coach, author, and marketing strategist who works primarily with influencers, real estate agents & brokers, doctors & medical providers, sports, & entertainment professionals, attorneys & law firms, and many other small and medium-sized businesses.  Her expertise is strategizing with her clients to create a strategic approach to meet goals and objectives while dominating online.

About Jennifer Martin

Why fit in when you were made to stand out?


Jennifer Martin is an author, coach, and serial entrepreneur whose approach is innovative & forward-thinking. She is a creative, strategic social media and digital marketer that leverages digital technologies to meet goals.  Jennifer is a hustler and a boss girl who lives outside the box. She is the founder of several startups, including, Digital Wise Media, and Just Boujee Coffee. She is the host of the “Memoirs of a Hustler”  Podcast featuring weekly guests from many backgrounds on relevant topics in business and life.

Website Design in the 1990's

Growing up in a small town in Canada, Jennifer had dreams of one day moving to a huge city, and as a young adult, she did just that; moving to Toronto and starting her very first Web Design company at 23.

Exotic Web Creations Inc. was a company Jennifer started, where she designed websites for companies using Dreamweaver.  In the late ’90s, many businesses struggled to understand why they should invest in a website and if customers would find them online.  Most believed a website to be a waste of money.  It wasn’t long before Jennifer moved to Houston and began marketing for entertainers and small businesses.


Since the early 2000’s Jennifer has been designing award-winning and high-ranking websites for her clients; at the inception of Google Ads, Jennifer became Google Certified and was a pioneer in the early days of Social Media.  Starting in the ’90s on a UNIX/ Jupiter platform, using IRC or (internet relay chat) at the campus of UNB, one of the first forms of texting or social media.  IRC became what we know today as social media or Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Jennifer’s coaching approach is to meet you where you are with what you need, create the strategy with your tools, and provide you with the ones you do not. Every person and business has the opportunity to thrive and be successful and live to its fullest potential. Jennifer uses “The 7 Wonders of Marketing on the WWW” as the foundation for creating strategic plans. Each business and person has strengths and weaknesses, and through the initial analysis, Jennifer researches and investigates not only the business or Influencer but also the competitor’s competition.


Once the initial investigation and research are done, Jennifer works with her coaching clients to create a strategic marketing plan with strategies and tactics aligned to match the mission and objectives of the business or person and bound to a timeline with deliverables and a coaching schedule.


Currently, Jennifer works with clients from many industries, but these are the primary ones.

  • Influencers
  • Entertainers and Sports Figures
  • Doctors and Medical Facilities
  • Attorneys and Law Firms
  • Realtors and Real Estate Brokerages
  • Coaches and Consultants

Check out Jennifer Martin on her weekly podcast “Memoirs of a Hustler” on your favorite streaming platform or for links to the shows and to listen to past episodes.

When Jennifer is not coaching clients or working on digital marketing strategies for her clients (which is rare), she speaks at conferences and events. Jennifer is an instructor for several Digital Marketing Workshops on The Metaverse, Google Ads, Website Designing Workshops, and Digital Marketing.  Jennifer loves to travel, loves dolphins, and is usually with a coffee in hand when you see her. See our current event schedule for upcoming digital marketing workshops.


The sounds of waves, the feel of sand and saltwater combined with the sun’s heat, is the perfect afternoon mixed with the taste of a frozen mudslide, and the beats of Bob Marley are the very definition of a perfect afternoon. Jennifer passions the words of Deepak Chopra, Keith Sweat’s music, 90’s RNB, the intellect, and bravery of Steve Jobs, the spiritual awakening from Joel Olsteen, the strength of Rhonda Rosey, and the love of her children. Jennifer travels to coach clients, teach classes, and for enjoyment. In 2023, Jennifer plans on traveling to Italy, Greece, and the beaches of Montego Bay.


Contact Jennifer and schedule a consultation to see how she can help you enhance your business and reputation.  You can reach Jennifer at 512-379-8888. Check our coach training coaches who are too busy coaching others and need a boost with their online presence and business.  While busy coaching your clients, let Jennifer Martin Coaching help manage your reputation and build your business name in the media, online, and the metaverse.

Jennifer Martin
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