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Real Estate Agents & Brokers

 Geofencing Ads Targeted To Potential Clients


Your Ads At the Superbowl

Geotargeting the 2023 Superbowl

Geotargeting combines several targeting criteria to reach a more precise audience in specific categories in a selected geographical area. We are Geofencing the Superbowl and Nearby hotels and restaurants nearby

Our proprietary software allows us to target specific behaviors in specific locations, and for the industries we serve, this is how the Geofencing ads will work.

Real Estate Agents & Brokers

  • Real Estate – We target potential buyers and sellers searching for real estate in the local Phoenix and surrounding areas.
  • Anyone searching for real estate in the local areas of Scottsdale, Glendale, Phoenix, etc., including all Arizona cities up to 90 days before and present at the Superbowl and any hotels, restaurants, etc. that we target, depending on the advertising package we implement.
  • Real estate ads target buyers and potential sellers based on their last 90 days of search.

SuperBowl Geofencing & Geotargeting

Geofencing is a smaller component of geotargeting. These terms serve a similar purpose – showing location-appropriate ads to those in specific locations – and we are Geofencing the Superbowl and those searching for your business type while at the Super Bowl.

Geotargeting is used for brand awareness and future conversions (like learning about a Phoenix Attorney or Law Firm specializing in those who get hurt while in Phoenix at the Superbowl and needing an attorney sometime later); geofencing focuses on hyper-relevance and instant results. 

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Digital Wise Media – the Geofencing Company, and you can get your ads up in as little as 48 hours.

We Strategize with you to create a winning geofencing campaign based on your goals and objectives, along with extensive tracking and analytics to monitor the results.

Geotargeting is amazing for creating a marketing campaign targeting customers and potential clients.  Think about how efficient and cost-effective it is to target the exact behavior of potential customers and clients.

Now with DigitalWise Media’s Geotargeting, you can do precisely that.

  • Customer demographics (Based on their search Behavior)
  • Travel radius ( As granular as you want- and from specific locations or cities- to another)
  • Call to action (requiring immediate action)
  • Customers’ privacy (Our technology tracks behavior and demographics, not personal information)
  • Targeting techniques (implementation methods- As Creative as You Can Dream!)

*Limited Space Available to Advertise At the Superbowl!

Get Started With Our Superbowl Geofencing Ads

  1. Schedule a Strategy Meeting with Us
  2. Decide On our Marketing Plan based on your goals and objectives
  3. Create the Action Plan with the actual strategies and tactics
  4. Create Artwork (Banners)  We can use your own if you have them already or create them for you in the size we need.
  5. Create Pixels and Remarketing tags
  6. Call Tracking if you want, which will dynamically switch phone numbers on your landing page based on how the visitor arrived.  (We can even use your current marketing and add call tracking to those channels, so you know the keywords, which site, and how the traffic came to your site.
  7. Create analytics conversions and events  tracking (conversion events- all discussed in the strategy meeting)
  8. Design Landing Page- If part of your implementation plan, use your own. (Decided during Strategy meeting)
  9. Launch Your Campaign
  10. Monitor and Track!

Differences Between Geotargeting and Geofencing

Geotargeting and geofencing are very similar, yet generally, they have one key difference that can help you distinguish one from another:

  • Geotargeting ads are focused on specific details of customers within a chosen area
  • Geofencing ads are delivered to everyone who crosses a virtual fence, regardless of their behavioral data (if not chosen otherwise).

Our Superbowl Geofencing ads are done using both Geofencing and Geotargeting. To target the right audience accurately, we use our marketing strategies, your goals, and objectives and create the perfect Geofencing Marketing Strategy.

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Geofencing and Marketing

DigitalWise Media is the Geofencing Company. We specialize in Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and Website Custom Design for Realtors & Brokers, Attorneys & Law Firms, Doctors & Emergency Rooms, and Influencers & Entertainers. We also work with small businesses and nonprofits. Contact us for unique marketing opportunities and creative branding. Attend one of our workshops or hire us to train your staff.